Legislatoraction.com enables your organization to conduct sophisticated and targeted online advocacy campaigns from your existing website.

Your members are able, through a few simple keystrokes, to send a powerful message to their legislators. Your organization can either formulate the message, or allow each member to customize their own message. We provide a state-of-the art platform for your organization to "get your message" to your legislators. Most importantly, we provide this service at the lowest cost to your organization.

Legislatoraction.com is a subscription-based service that uses your website as a launching point, but more importantly provides web pages that use your overall site format, thus providing a seamless experience for your members. We believe that Legislatoraction.com is the most effective service to help your organization influence legislation and achieve success. According to a Chief of Staff of a New Jersey state legislator, "A large number of individual e-mails is significantly more powerful than a number of signatures on one petition."

Legislatoraction.com recognizes there is more to online advocacy than sending emails. The messages need to be targeted, timely and topical. Legislatoraction.com gives you options and essential tools so you can craft a campaign that matters:

• A customizable legislative action center for your organization's website that provides a direct link to your on state legislators (future versions will include Congress).
• A powerful database that enables you to target and mobilize your supporters and track your e-mail advocacy activity - including e-mail reports.
• Web form compliance to ensure deliverability of your messages state legislators.
• Municipality or Zip-to-district and legislative data matching.
• Pre-planned or customizable messages –under your control.
• A "Call To Action" position statement on the e-mail message page.
• Seamless Web pages that share the same look as you original website.

Let Legislatoraction.com help you to have a powerful voice in your State's political process!

Our Services


Targeted Campaigning

We keep an updated list of all current elected officials for targeted campaigning.


Automatic Interface

We make it easy for your supporters to contact elected officals with a few clicks of the mouse.


Full System Reports

We keep detailed track of each campaign, including who, when, and what was sent.


Template Branding

We work with you to customize your advocacy portal to brand it to your website or company.

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